Be Happy

obrázekLiwu 3A piece shot web res

‘Be Happy” – Dedication and Inspiration


The ‘Be Happy” necklace and earrings have the Chinese character for Happy on the discs. Confucius contended that absolute happiness if not about material things but from one’s inner life. This said statement really hit me when I first read it and indeed every time I think about it!


When living in China, I was spoilt from a material point of view. We lived in the nicest expat area, I didn’t have to work if I choose not to, and I had shops and restaurants and gym underneath my apartment. However, I was lonely and unhappy! I missed my friends and family back home. My life and identity was certainly built around the two things my job and my friends and family! I am a social creature by nature.


After almost three months in China, I still didn’t have a job nor had I forged any good friendships. Friendships and meeting people take time and in the end after almost 2 years of being back and forth to China I have some really close friends, whom I feel lucky to have met both Chinese and Irish! However, there is one girl who the “Be happy” title goes to and she helped my inner happiness and she is from the Czech Republic! We met one dull smoggy January morning in Beijing at my first calligraphy class and she lived next door. She was my age, not working, in China because of her husband’s career…so much in common but the main thing Lucie was fun and happy go lucky. We clicked and talked proper honest girl talk from relationships, babies, etc.! For the next 18 months, we took trips, calligraphy classes and dined together in good Beijing eateries.


So thank you Lucie Kyrstkova – you helped my happiness when I lived in China. This piece is dedicated to you!

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