Mum knows best…..

Well what a week. It was meant to be full of exciting meetings to bounce ideas about photoshoots, summer exhibits and designing the new range but one can never predict a week when you have a two year old!

Our daughter caught her hand in a door last week and we had her in the doctor within 30 mins. I was convinced he’d give us a referral letter for A&E for stitches and an x-ray. Instead, he took a look, told us how the bone couldn’t break at her age, put a plaster on and sent us on our merry way. As parents we felt relieved, thinking god that was a lucky escape. Our daughter came out saying ‘the doctor fixed it’……but indeed he didn’t fix it, he left it open for much worse.

Our little girl being the resilient girl she is, happily played over the next few days, the only evidence of anything more serious than a cut finger was the crying she started at nighttime. The following day, I bathed her and changed the dressing (the much better dressing I put on after we came out of the doctor) and she was screaming, I thought this is very strange but thought the doctor said it would be ok so I trusted this advice.

Once again two days later, I changed it again and she was so upset. I took a look and said thats it – ‘the doctor is wrong’ I declared to my husband. He agreed and we looked at each, what now?! Neither of us have a medical background, the GP clearly couldn’t be trusted…. we were 1 hour away from an A&E department. I called Caredoc again (out of hours service) as it was a bank holiday. It would be 4 hours before they would have a free appointment. Luckily, we are VHI members and my husband said lets go to the Swiftcare Clinic. So we drove all the way to Dublin. We were seen within 5 minutes and the doctor was horrified that she had not been sent straight to hospital 5 days earlier by our GP who was the Caredoc on call the previous week. I felt like a failure how could I not have known, why did I believe the GP, how had I let this happen in the first place……. Guilt central! Swiftcare couldn’t help us as he said she needed to be operated on and gave us a letter for Temple St Children’s Hospital.

Again the rapid response team in A&E team were shocked at the Caredoc treatment of this and told us that as it left so long she was at risk of bone infection and an abnormal finger. I was heartbroken, how had I ignored my first instinct it needed stitches and an x-ray. The doctor in A&E was so kind and reassured me I had done my best by taking her to the doctor so quickly and then I trusted his diagnosis. She took the details so she could call Caredoc to explain the error of his ways! We were told to return the following day for an operation with the plastics team.

That night I couldn’t sleep, I had a migraine from the worry and the guilt. We got up at 5am and drove to Dublin, her operation went well but she was kept in hospital for two nights and three days for IV antibiotics. This was so unpleasant for the poor little two year old and in perfect diction she stated ” I don’t want my medicine anymore, I need to sleep in my bed” . Apart from her struggles against the medicine she was as good as gold. It was easy to entertain with books, colouring and mammy cuddles.

Back home, my daughter has bounced back despite the massive bandage she can still use her hand. I, however, still feel awful about it (mummy guilt on steroids), everyone always get a second opinion if you are unsure!! Sometimes doctors get it wrong.

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