Pregnancy in China V Ireland

Just thought Id share some difference I am finding being pregnant in Ireland versus being pregnant in China.

  1. Food glorious food

I have to say when pregnant in China, I went completely off Chinese food and carved spuds and plain Irish food. I found it so difficult to find nice fresh food especially diary products such a nice yogurt – I used to clear out my local Jenny Lou in Beijing of yoglait when it was delivered because it was rare to find it!

In Ireland, we don’t know how lucky we are with food traceability, farm to fork food that tastes so so good. I am enjoying my food this time and trying to avoid over indulging….trying.

Chinese Food
Chinese Food
Wexford made yogurt
Wexford made yogurt

2. Hello pregnant lady, can I help you?

Now, the Chinese aren’t known for their manners (ie opening doors for the person behind them etc) BUT the Chinese are super kind to pregnant women and indeed women with babies. It was an absolute pleasure to be treated so well by complete strangers. Opening doors, carrying shopping, seats on the bus/subway etc and when the baby arrived carrying the pram upstairs, entertaining baby while you ate in restaurants…. lets just say no one in Ireland cares if are pregnant and even less if you have a baby, you are just in their way.

3. Breathe baby breathe

ok the main reason I found it difficult to live in Beijing while pregnant and also with a small baby was the air pollution. Which is sad because when the wind comes and blows the pollution away, Beijing boosts blue skies and little rain. I spend 1,000euro on an air filter for our apartment, I was addicted to the pollution app for fear of leaving the house and damaging the baby!

II am pregnant this time in the countryside by the sea in Ireland. Easier to practice my deep breathing for labour! In early pregnant when I felt sick, the breeze at the back of my house helped ease the nausea.

Smog in Beijing
Smog in Beijing
Wexford, Ireland
Wexford, Ireland

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