Shiny brand new website!

phew the new website is finally up – thank you to my wonderful older brother MJ for all the hard work. Cant beat family to help you out in an hour of need.

we are still experiencing some teething problems (like the blog page is gone missing!) and still have some tweaking to do on the images on the shop pages but a website is always a WIP, its never finished. Its like a shop, it constantly needs to be merchandised and cleaned up. This is why having a brother like I do is priceless.

The new website all hangs around the amazing images by photographer, Christian Ammann. The shoot was really exciting to do. Something so new for me. Despite having worked in Awear for many years, I was never lucky enough to be on set for a shoot – sadly i just approved the spend in the budget! My former colleague, Caroline from Awear, now has her own creative agency, Chalk Creative with her business partner, Niamh and they provided the styling for the day and helped organise the shoot which resulted in the best team I could have asked for including – Michael Leong (Hair and entertainment : ), Dearbhla Keenan (Make up) and the beautiful model was Jen Macken (Morgan the Agency).

Jen was a gem of a find by Niamh at a casting the previous week. She has the appeal for both Western and Eastern audiences and she is beautiful. Her mum is really into feng shui and she got Jen to pose for photos in a particular part of house for good luck and then this job came up for her! She was also lovely to work with and we have been in touch since.

It was a long day that kicked off at 9am and finished up at 5pm but including the drive to Dublin for me it was 12 hours away from home but well worth it.

Here are some behind the scenes snaps and check out the new website for the images.

Beautiful jen finishing touches looking good Caroline of Chalk getting ready hair and make up the studio

Also available on Etsy

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