Why Irish Made is important to me.

Liwu Jewellery has been shortlisted for the Irish Made Awards in the Irish Country Magazine. I was honoured to be included and to gain recognition for making our jewellery in Ireland and for sourcing as much as we can in Ireland.

I know, like myself, many of us are conscious of buying locally produced food products but as well as food, there are many more Irish Made products. Irish Country Magazine correctly identifies in the Irish Made shortlist number of categories such as beauty, jewellery, gift and homewares.


Here are some of the reasons why Irish Made is so important to me and my business. 

  1. Loyal and Proud

I always have been very proud to say I am from Wexford. Not only is it a beautiful county but the people are generally friendly, humble and hard working. This county pride has turned into country pride. Having lived abroad and travelled extensively over the past 15 years, I have become very proud of being Irish. I especially love the openness for new ideas and inclusiveness of our society. I believe because of all this we are good to do business with!

Therefore, when it came to making a product and launching a brand, I could not think of better people than Irish people to work with. 

  1. Quality

And here is the crux of it really, the quality of Irish silversmiths, printers, carpenters etc. are excellent. We have the skills on our doorstep. I can work closely on all aspects of my pieces and my branding with all these trade people.

All precious metal jewellery sold in Ireland must have a hallmark from the Assay Office in Dublin Castle to verify its quality. So when I make my jewellery here in Ireland, I know the quality is confirmed by the lovely people in the Assay office. The stamp of purity, the Irish Made stamp along with my markers mark verifies quality to my customer.




  1. Supporting local, Irish business and employment

As Liwu Jewellery continues to grow, many other people through direct employment and by engaging with local businesses, grow too. As well as making my jewellery in Ireland, I also work with local carpenters and glazers for my lovely displays for my stockists and fairs. And for instance all my printing of the meaning cards, brochures etc. is through my local printer.

Everyone please be proud to be Irish and support Irish Made products. Remember every time you buy Irish Made an Irish person does an actual happy dance – or maybe that’s just me.

Please vote for Liwu Jewellery and your other favourite makers here.



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