About Liwu Jewellery

Liwu Jewellery – Small gifts, big meanings. http://www.liwujewellery.com

Liwu Jewellery all started with the little word with a huge meaning – ‘love’. In 2011, I moved from Ireland to China to be with my beloved husband. When living there, I decided to take a course in Chinese Calligraphy and fell in love with the beauty and meaning behind the characters.

I always appreciated delicate and simple fine jewellery and my favourite piece was a simple necklace that just said ‘love’ in English. When I saw the Chinese Calligraphy character for ‘love’, I thought it was so beautiful and I adored how it’s meaning was ‘life to the heart, grace to the body’…..I decided I have to have this on a necklace! And so the sketch book came out, silversmithing classes started and it didn’t stop with just the ‘love’ character. Liwu Jewellery was born. The collection includes Chinese wishes, beliefs and also just simple words from their language. It is a collection of my favourites which I picked up from individuals I met, Chinese culture books I read, Chinese language classes and of course, my calligraphy teacher, Paul Wang.

Native by Liwu Jewellery is a collection of Celtic symbols inspired by Ireland, where I am now based by sea with my husband, two daughters and a number of animals.

Liwu Jewellery allows individuals to make a statement and express themselves in a very subtle manner. A meaning card comes with each piece to explain the characters. ‘Liwu’ means gift in Chinese.

All pieces are Designed and Made in Ireland








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