Taking care of your superpower – My 5 self-care rituals

'No one is you, and that is your superpower' - Marissa Carter. Well then, if you are the superpower, you must to take care of you!

‘Balance promotes serenity’ – 5 things I have learnt about balance

For a long time, achieving balance in my life has been a goal for me. I refer to ‘balance’ as the holy grail for me in the about section of my blog. I even designed a necklace to represent it.

Keeping the love alive

I always say that sometimes the best things in life are hard work, like children and indeed marriage! Here are the four things we do to make sure our love continues to bring life to the heart and grace to the body.

Ditching the Mom guilt this summer

As the school holidays draw near, I already feel mum guilt going into overdrive. The kids will be home for about eight weeks. Eight weeks of no school or no routine has disaster written all over it – for me anyway. If you work, run your own business or even if you do stay at … Continue reading Ditching the Mom guilt this summer

4 challenges I faced when I started my business

 I wanted to share some of the personal challenges I faced when I started Liwu Jewellery and sometimes still do. I hope my tips on how to overcome them help all you budding entrepreneurs.   Loneliness      Initially, the lack of social interaction was one of the biggest challenges I faced, for those who … Continue reading 4 challenges I faced when I started my business