The shoes of Irishness fit me well…..

IMG_6517With one week left in the voting for Irish Made Awards with Irish Country Magazine (if you haven’t voted its I wanted to share this old blog I wrote on ‘The shoes of Irishness fit me well.’

From Accountant to Jewellery Designer

‘The shoes of Irishness fit me well’

This was the title of Leaving Cert English essay question I picked on the exam paper back in 2001. It was a topical subject at the time as we had just voted and rejected the Nice Treaty. I am happy to say that I wrote about how much I loved Irish culture and how I was proud and happy to be Irish. However, at seventeen, I was keenly aware that I hadn’t experienced many other cultures or countries. I wisely stated that I could not know for sure until I went out into the world, away from the small rural village and town I grew up in. Now years later, I have returned to Wexford, not the exact same spot but close to the same town I went to school in. So looks like the question is finally answered 13 years later. But…

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4 challenges I faced when I started my business

 I wanted to share some of the personal challenges I faced when I started Liwu Jewellery and sometimes still do. I hope my tips on how to overcome them help all you budding entrepreneurs.   Loneliness      Initially, the lack of social interaction was one of the biggest challenges I faced, for those who … Continue reading 4 challenges I faced when I started my business